Stockmayer vine trimmers

Stockmayer Vine Trimmers
The world’s leading vine trimmers

If you’re looking for quality Stockmayer vine trimmers, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Vitifruit Equipment, we’ve partnered with German specialists, Stockmayer, to bring you the best trimming and leaf removal machinery in the world. With our help, you can quickly source the solutions that you need for your operations and slash your workload.

Quality Trimmers From A World-Leading Supplier

AWS Stockmayer is a German, family-run company that has been making deleafers and trimmers for more than 35 years. In that time, they’ve built up enormous expertise in the area, delivering arguably the world’s best solutions to market.

At Vitifruit Equipment, we’re proud to partner with our AWS Stockmayer as their UK distributor, supplying their equipment to viticulturists, vineyards and fruit growers all over the country. We have a close working relationship with the team and in-depth knowledge of their products, including optimal setup and applications.

Stockmayer has been building and refining its vine trimmers for more than thirty years. Now they offer a variety of models, including twin over-row, double-sided and single-sided, depending on the height and layout of your lines.

The machines use suction-enabled rotating blades to neatly collect the trimmed leaves, preventing them from falling onto the ground. Every device comes with stainless steel reinforced elements for additional corrosion resistance and hygiene.

Interestingly, Stockmayer equips their machines with slow-spinning blades. The design of the unit keeps suction strong, but the slower speed means that internal components, like belts and bearing, last longer. For you, that means fewer maintenance visits and less servicing. Overall, it is a very reliable product.

Reasons To Choose Our Stockmayer Vine Trimmers

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons our customers love our service.

Close relationships with all our suppliers. At Vitifruit Equipment, we understand that vineyards and fruit growers depend heavily on the quality of their equipment. If it isn’t up to standard, then your entire business can suffer. That’s why we maintain close relationships with suppliers like Stockmayer, always looking for the best solutions available anywhere in the world. Our close partnerships mean that we can evaluate the quality of equipment and only supply machinery that passes strict quality control.
More than 25 years of experience. Vitifruit Equipment has been providing vineyards and fruit growers with bespoke equipment for more than twenty-five years. In that time, we’ve learned a great deal about the needs of viticulturists. Our experience is second to none.
A wealth of manufacturing knowledge. While a lot of growers will choose cheap imports, strategies like that don’t pay off in the long term. The best solution is to use a quality manufacturer who understands the needs of people in the industry. That’s why we work with Stockmayer: a German firm with a wealth of manufacturing knowledge.

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