Lipco Tunnel Recirculation Sprayers

At Vitifruit Equipment, we have a variety of equipment ready for you to hire. We’re the number one place to go if you require any equipment to help grow your fruit and take care of your plants. We’ve got some of the best equipment and machines in the business, including the highly popular and effective LIPCO tunnel recirculation sprayers, which are perfect for so many things. 
LIPCO Tunnel Recirculation Sprayers For Hire
Our LIPCO tunnel recirculation sprayers are part of our very popular tunnel sprayers range. With these sprayers, you can easily make your way down an orchard and completely revitalise your fruit. They’re designed to create a tunnel over a row of fruit trees/plants and spray each side equally to promote recirculation and growth. 

This equipment is perfectly suited to anyone with an orchard that’s looking for an easy way to go about recirculation spraying. Instead of having to walk down each row and spray each side using a hose or other piece of manual equipment, you can do it in a tenth or the time while sitting on a tractor. The LIPCO tunnel recirculation sprayers can easily be fitted to the back of a tractor, and the tunnel width can be adjusted to suit the size of your fruit plants. So, if you have large trees growing, you can widen the tunnel to allow it to fit around the thick trees. Along with this, the height can also be adjusted with ease. 

With the LIPCO tunnel recirculation sprayers, you also get the benefit of equipment that’s good for the environment. There are 35-40% fewer chemicals used in the spray, meaning your plants will get a more natural spray to help encourage natural growth and fruit that doesn’t taste tainted. 

We offer you two choices when you hire this equipment from us. You can have a single row, or a double one, depending on your preference. The single is cheaper to hire, but the double gives the benefit of being able to cover two rows at once. This can cut your spraying time in half and make life so much easier for you. 
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If you have an orchard or vineyard, you will benefit from our LIPCO tunnel recirculation sprayers. They’re designed for plants of all sizes and can really help you maintain your fruit and be more efficient. They’ll slash your spraying time dramatically and completely take all the effort out of it. A task that took half a day could now take less than an hour. 

We have many LIPCO tunnel recirculation sprayers up for hire, as mentioned earlier you can choose between single or double row. If you want to know more information about this piece of equipment, please don’t hesitate to call us or send an email. We endeavour to have someone answer the phone at all times, and we aim to reply to email queries on the same day. 

For a more effective way of maintaining your orchard or vineyard, call us today, and we can quote a price for you to hire this piece of equipment.

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